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About Orana
The great taste experience

We have a heart beating for great taste, and we wish to share this with you.

Orana is a multinational company within the food & beverage industry. Born global, yet with strong roots in an apple orchard in the middle of the island of Funen in Denmark, where a very special lady once made a choice with a sincere and simple aim to create tasteful quality products from natural fruit and plant based raw materials. Now, more than 80 years later in a world in constant change and heading towards a future full of opportunities, we remain true to this ambition and continue to create great taste.

Taste is a lot more than the immediate pleasure of a tasteful product. Taste is social and forms an important part of cultures around the world. Taste inspires and taste has the ability to gather people in conversation, being it about the taste or something else.

With inspiration from the entire world, we create taste to inspire human beings around the world.

We seek to inspire and present product solutions that are fit for future demands for healthy quality products from sustainable food systems.
We call it:
“Quality by Nature – the sustainable way”

It is all about people

Orana holds a story about strong collaborations internally and through out the entire supply chain.

We cherish and we care for the relations, which make out the beating heart of Orana, and we engage in enhanced sustainable development for the well-being of people around the world. It is all about people and partnerships.
We continue strengthening our partnerships. We learn and we grow stronger as we engage in numerous markets and projects. Always on the search for new ways to inspire people around the World, for the choice of a healthier and more sustainable future

2019 Kenya – Moonberg Organic Farms Ltd.
2019 Kenya – Orana Fresh Fruit Processing Company Ltd.
2018 Dubai – Orana DMCC. Sales Office
2018 Sri Lanka – Orana A/S Liaison Office
2016 Canada – Orana Canada Inc. Sales Office (closed in 2022)
2015 Dubai – Orana Ltd. Offshore Company
2014 Kenya – Orana Kenya Ltd. Sales Office
2013 Hong Kong – Osterberg Service and Trading Ltd. Sales Office
2012 India – Production via two co-production sites
2011 Egypt – International Fruit Production Ltd. Production
2007 Malaysia – Sales office and Purchasing office
2007 Egypt – Orana Egypt Ltd. Sales Office and Innovation Center
2005 India – Orana India Private Ltd. Sales office and Innovation Center
2003 Denmark – Danish Fruit Production A/S. Production
2002 Vietnam – Orana Vietnam Ltd. Sales office, Innovation Center and Production
1999 Orana A/S established as independent company (under Osterberg Service and Trading A/S) Denmark – Sales office and Innovation Center
1998 Osterberg Service and Trading A/S established
1984 Orana A/S established as an independent division of Rynkeby Foods for sales and development of Fruit Based Raw Materials for the industry
Vision, Mission and Values

We want to inspire people around the world with great taste – for the choice of a healthier and more sustainable future



We innovate and develop fruit- and plant based product solutions for the food and beverage industry


We – Together we do!
We worship and protect the strong relations to our customers all over the world. Together, in partnerships, we create truly unique results. We share know-how, we learn together. We make each other stronger. Orana’s worldwide teams are united on a joint mission to create quality fruit- and plant based products together with our valued customers.

Explore – Stay curios!
We challenge local, existing taste preferences. We curiously explore new ideas and concepts. In a market in constant change, we are always on the watch for new market- and product trends as well as new business opportunities and collaborations that give us the possibility to share, learn and expand our skills.

Unique – Stay authentic!
We are proud of our unique history and the process we have undergone to reach our current position in the market. We honor every opportunity that we are given in unique collaborations and cherish to remain authentic, true to the values that have brought us to where we are today and always with a sincere and simple approach. That is our recipe to obtain truly unique results.


We curiously explore new ideas and concepts and challenge the local and existing taste preferences in the market. Always on a look out for new product trends and business opportunities to keep developing in close collaboration with our customers.
We aim to develop high quality, fruit and plant based tailormade solutions to international market of food producers by developing products fit to each market demand and customer preference. With product Innovation Centers situated in four different countries and different continents we are able to supply an extensive range of demand and requirement of our customers.


Knowledge sharing

Orana is always on a look out for new interesting business opportunities and partnerships which helps us to learn, share and expand our skills for collaborations on mutual benefit.
We worship the strong relations to our customers all over the world. We believe in knowledge sharing and openness by which we create truly unique results together with our customers.

Fresh Fruit processing and Farming

Time changes but Orana has remained strong in its roots and has engaged in various fresh fruit processing projects over the years.
Now even expanded to involvement in farming of selected fruits.
We are currently establishing our very own banana farm in Kenya which is looking very positive as a collaboration with our local partners.


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Fruit based raw materials for beverages, dairy products and bakery products.
Co-packing of your product.


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